#35: Can You Really Fight? [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode #35 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast, “Can You Really Fight?”

Martial artists love to debate over what works in real life and what doesn’t. But no matter what style you choose, or which techniques you believe in, there’s an even bigger question that needs to be answered—

Can you really fight?

How capable are you? Can you make what you practice on the mats work on the street? Is your martial arts training preparing you to succeed in a real fight?

In this episode, I share a breakthrough moment that not only changed the way I train, it changed the way I live. It might just change your life, too.

Building on the ideas in the article, Who Knows You the Best?, I also share advice on how to make sure your training is helping you become a real fighter and not a deluded poser.

Sound good? Then click “play” and let’s get real! 🙂

You can either:

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