#30: Ignorance and Arrogance [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode #30 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast, “Ignorance and Arrogance.”

Look, I’m not the world’s smartest guy. In fact, every day offers me reminders of how much I don’t know!

But ignorance is something I can accept about myself. What I can’t accept, however, is arrogance. When I hear people passing judgments and shooting their mouths off about subjects they know very little about, I turn red.

Is it really so hard to simply say, “I don’t know?”

Is it really so hard to ask a few questions or do a little research before forming an opinion?

In this episode, I share some experiences dealing with both ignorance and arrogance. It’s a bit of a rant, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it! πŸ™‚

You can either:

ignorance and arrogance photo

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You should also know this podcast is based on the article: Karate Is Stupid and Other Ignorant Comments.

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