#18: John Hackleman Interview [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode #18 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast with special guest, John Hackleman!

John Hackleman

John Hackleman

In a world of posers and wanna-bes, John Hackleman is the real deal. He doesn’t just “do” martial arts, he lives martial arts.

So, when I got the chance to sit down with the Pit Master himself, I wanted to find out how he applies the wisdom of the martial arts to everyday life.

Short on time? You can find some highlights from the interview transcribed here: “Words of Wisdom from John Hackleman”

To listen to the full interview, you can either:

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To contact or train with John Hackleman, visit: The Pit. You can also find videos and articles on the Pit Master’s blog over at The Pit Online Dojo. To connect on Twitter, follow @Pit_Master. Tell him Ando sent you! 🙂

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