Self-Defense for Women and Men

Self-defense can be an unpleasant topic. That’s why most people never take a class.

I can help!

Here’s the good news… you don’t have to throw one punch or kick to lead a safer life. You just need to train you brain!

So, let’s take a class together. I’ve put together some of my favorite articles and audio clips on the topic of self-defense down below.

Check one out… or all of them. Either way, your self-defense class starts now! 🙂

Self-Defense Power Fist!

Self-Defense for Women and Men

Begin with the amazing story of a young woman who showed me that self-defense has nothing to do with learning martial arts. You’ll want to share this one!

Want another story that proves self-defense has nothing to do with muscles or black belts? Read or listen to this!

Time to bust some myths! Let’s attack some common misconceptions about the subject of self-defense for women.

In this radio interview from 2008, I cover all the basics of self-defense in just 16 minutes!

Here’s one of my favorites! Don’t let the title fool you–this weapon will cheer you up!

Almost done! For a little extra peace of mind, don’t miss this lesson on turning paranoia into power.

One more! Finish your class with what might be the most inspiring message of all. It’s required reading here at!

Congratulations! You made it! I hope you’re feeling more powerful than ever.

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I hope someday we can even train together in person! Until then–

Keep fighting for a happy life! 🙂

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