How to Punch – Tips for Martial Arts

When learning how to punch, everybody always wants to know how to add more power. So, let’s start there.

Here’s a video and article to help you add power to everything you do.

How to Punch with Power

Heads up! No matter how big and strong you are, if your punching technique is lousy, you might end up hurting yourself!

My advice is to take it slow and steady. Always focus on using good form and building good habits.

Trust me—power and speed will both improve along the way. So, stay safe and take care of your hands… don’t rush the process!

Got that? Great! Let’s get to some more tips to improve your timing, form, and accuracy!

How to Punch:
Tips and Tricks

How to Improve Your Straight Punch. Read the article here.

How to Throw a Hook Punch with Power. Read the article here.

How to Build Stronger Punches with a Belt. Read the article here.

Punching Drill to Improve Timing for Self-Defense. Read the article here.

How to Land More Punches in a Fight. Read the article here.

How to Punch Harder Using a Wall. Read the article here.

How to Punch in a Street Fight. Read the article here.

I hope you found a tip or two to help you throw better punches. If you have more questions, send me an email right here.

If you’re interested in some tips on hitting a heavy bag, here are two more videos and articles you might like.

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Remember—slow and steady wins the race… and the fight! 🙂

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Happy punching!