Is it possible to fight for a happy life and win?


Welcome to Fight for a Happy Life… the show that believes a little martial arts makes life a whole lot better!

A Martial Arts Podcast... and More!
Each episode explores how to live a life of health and happiness by applying martial arts wisdom to relationships, business, and fitness.

Episodes are 20-30 minutes long, so they’re perfect companions while you commute, exercise, or stand in line.

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Praise for the show…
“A well-produced podcast from a more intellectual perspective. [Sensei Ando] is a wise man.”
Whistlekick, Best Martial Arts Podcasts

Fight for a Happy Life Episodes

Episode 1: Are You a Fighter?

Episode 2: Win Every Argument

Episode 3: Sucker Punched By Life

Episode 4: Your Right to Fight

Episode 5: Tips for the Little Guy

Episode 6: The Invisible Path to Success

Episode 7: Make Peace with Violence

Episode 8: Surprise: The Way to Win

Episode 9: Smash Through the Maze

Episode 10: Your Greatest Self-Defense Weapon

Episode 11: Are You a One Trick Pony?

Episode 12: The Blonde Haired Warrior

Episode 13: Paranoia Into Power

Episode 14: Faith In Your Fight

Episode 15: Injuries Are Good For You

Episode 16: How to Get Things Done

Episode 17: The Language of Success

Episode 18: John Hackleman Interview

Episode 19: 7 Lessons From Bruce Lee

Episode 20: Sparring and Self-Defense

Episode 21: Just Let Go… and Win!

Episode 22: How To Be a Master

Episode 23: Mind and Muscle In Self-Defense

Episode 24: Facing Death

Episode 25: The Secret to Staying Positive

Episode 26: JD Mierzwa Interview – Part 1

Episode 27: JD Mierzwa Interview – Part 2

Episode 28: Lessons From Getting Beaten Up

Episode 29: Meditation Tips

Episode 30: Ignorance and Arrogance

Episode 31: Staring Down Success

Episode 32: Lazy Lying Losers

Episode 33: Smaller, Slower, Weaker

Episode 34: Two Big Lies In Martial Arts

Episode 35: Can You Really Fight?

Episode 36: Secret Techniques

Episode 37: Spirit First, Technique Second

Episode 38: The Perfect Sparring Partner

Episode 39: The Crazy Critic

Episode 40: Change Your Pants, Change Your Life

Episode 41: Back to Basics

Episode 42: Relax! The Worst Advice in Martial Arts

Episode 43: The Bully Handshake

Episode 44: Black Belt Diet Tips

Episode 45: Self-Doubt in the Martial Arts

Episode 46: Think for Yourself

Episode 47: Whining and Complaining

Episode 48: Practice Time Tips for Martial Arts Mastery

Episode 49: Winning and Losing in the Martial Arts

Episode 50: Catching a Thief

Episode 51: Jeremy Lesniak Interview

Episode 52: Martial Artists Are Weirdos

Episode 53: Are You a Martial Arts Zombie?

Episode 54: Facing a Death Threat

Episode 55: I Want You to Fail

Episode 56: A Religious Experience

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