#39: The Crazy Critic [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode #39 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast, “The Crazy Critic.”

Advice is cheap. We all get it, we all give it. But let me ask you something…

Are you a smart critic or a crazy critic?

Seriously—do you give good advice that improves people’s lives or bad advice that just wastes everyone’s time? Including yours?

In this episode, I offer two challenges to help make sure you’re on the path to becoming a wise teacher to others… and yourself!

While we’re on the subject of criticism, let me take a moment to introduce you to a critic who’s clearly not crazy… Whistlekick.

whistlekick martial arts radio logoWhistlekick is a company that manufactures martial arts equipment and apparel. They also named Fight for a Happy Life as one of its favorite martial arts podcasts, so clearly, they know what they’re talking about! 🙂

Even better, Whistlekick also produces a top notch martial arts podcast of their own, hosted by Jeremy Lesniak. You can check out their long list of inspiring and informative interviews with fellow martial artists right here: Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio.

My thanks to Whistlekick! Keep up the good work!

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