#26: JD Mierzwa – Part 1 [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode #26 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast, featuring Part 1 of my interview with JD Mierzwa.

JD is a former bouncer, professional kickboxer, underground street fighter, cage fighter, prison guard, and sheriff. Currently, he’s a fitness trainer and MMA coach. He also happens to be my brother!

Listen in as JD shares his advice on self-defense, martial arts, and fighting for a happy life. I think you’ll find it informative and inspiring.

Then be sure to catch Part 2 of our conversation here: “JD Mierzwa – Part 2.”

If you’re interested in connecting or training with JD Mierzwa, contact JD Fight and Fitness Systems through JDFFSystems@gmail.com.

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JD Mierzwa

JD Mierzwa

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For a transcription of highlights from this interview, check out the article, “Interview with JD Mierzwa.”

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