How to Learn Martial Arts from Watching Videos

Can you really learn martial arts by watching videos? Yes, I think so!

But there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. So, here’s a quick tip to make sure you’re learning the right way!

If the video doesn’t play, you’ll find a loose transcript below. Hope it helps! 🙂

How to Learn Martial Arts from Watching Videos

First off, let’s be honest…

You will never, ever become a great martial artist just from watching videos!

To become a great martial artist, you need a real-life teacher and real-life training partners. Especially training partners.

Yes, getting in shape and practicing on your own is important, but there’s a lot more to learning martial arts than just jogging, lifting weights, or hitting a bag.

Martial arts is also about controlling yourself while someone else is trying to control you. To learn that, you have to get out of the basement, get out of the bedroom, and go make some friends.

Okay. Back to the subject of videos…

Videos are a gold mine of information and inspiration. They are a learning tool that no other generation of martial artists has ever had access to. But here’s the wrong way to use it.

You have a question. Let’s say you want to learn how to escape a rear naked choke…

So, you do a search. You find an video. You watch it. You learn something.

Now you watch another video. And another. And another. And another.

Suddenly, it’s four in the morning, you’re halfway through a bag of chips, and somehow you’re now listening to the isolated vocal track from Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman.

Learn martial arts from a video?

The wrong way to learn martial arts!

WARNING! Watching videos is more addictive than heroin. The problem for a student is after a six hour video bender, that lesson you learned in the first five minutes of your search has been wiped from your brain. You end up crashing into bed no smarter and no better than you were when you started.

So, here’s how to learn martial arts from a video…

The first video you find that makes you say, “Ah, that’s cool,” stop. Put down the chips. Get up and go try it.

Yes, even if you’re watching one of my videos. As soon as you learn something that makes you say, “Ah,” get up and do whatever it is you’re supposed to do.

If you have a training partner or a training dummy, great. If you don’t, practice on a pillow or in the air. Do what you have to do! But here’s the important thing.

The secret to learning martial arts from a video is to turn viewing into doing.

The goal as an online student is to have a new experience. But that doesn’t happen in a chair. It happens on your feet.

Final thought. The only reason a teacher makes a video in the first place is to help you get better. Presumably, the only reason you watch a martial arts video is to get better. But if you don’t get up and practice what you see in the video right after you learn it, then I fail as a teacher and you fail as a student!

So, if you want to learn martial arts by watching videos, ask a question, find an answer, then turn your viewing into doing. Don’t worry— you’ll still have plenty of time to watch Ariana Grande.